General T&C

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all NOWHERE SUITES promotions and offers. Additionally to these Terms & Conditions, please familiarise yourself with any specific conditions associated with any promotion/offer made available to you.

NOWHERE SUITES or its promotional partners reserve the absolute right to extend the offer without providing a reason and/or to cancel the offer immediately without providing a refund.

To pay and discharge all charges and outgoings from the start of the stay in respect of water, indahwater, electricity, and other illuminant supplied to or consumed within the demised premises, as measured by the metres thereon, as well as all charges for conservancy, sewage, and refuse removal. It is only applicable to offers that do not include a utility listing.

To use the demised premises exclusively for residential purposes

To maintain the demised premises and their fixtures in good and rentable condition

To make all minor repairs/replacements necessary within the demised premises for the practical occupation and/or operation of the Tenant's business at the tenant's expense.

To refrain from using the leased premises for any illegal or immoral purpose

At all times, to keep and maintain in good and tenantable condition the furnishings, fixtures, fittings, and furniture described in the second schedule (Inventory List) hereto, as well as decorative items (if any) (damage due to fair wear and tear excepted)

To service all air conditioning units (including gas filling) on a minimum half-yearly basis for tenants who have stayed longer than six months. Receipts must be supplied.

Not to make or permit any alterations or additions to the demised premises without the Landlord's prior written consent, and such alterations or additions must comply with all applicable laws, by-laws, and regulations.

To permit the Landlord or his agents to bring any person authorised to view the demised premises one (1) month prior to the termination of this tenancy hereby created at all reasonable times one (1) month prior to the termination of this tenancy.

To indemnify the Landlord against all actions, proceedings, expenses, damages, penalties, costs, claims, and demands brought or made against or incurred by the Landlord as a result of any breach and or non-observance of all or any of the stipulations terms and conditions contained herein or for non-compliance with statutory and other provisions regulations requirements of

If the rent reserved herein, in whole or in part, remains unpaid for more than two (2) days after it becomes due (whether formally demanded or not), We reserved the right to place the tenant on the CTOS or CCRIS blacklist.

If either party desires to terminate this tenancy earlier than the term specified herein, either party shall give the other party written notice of his desire to terminate this tenancy or pay one month's rental.